Covid-19 Update: Phase 3 Reopening

Updated Nov. 13, 2020

As of Friday, Nov. 13th, North Carolina remains in a Phase 3 reopening, but with a reduced limit on inside group sizes. Indoor gatherings are limited to 10 people or less, and outdoor remains 50 people maximum. This latest guidance remains in place until at least Friday, Dec. 4th.

Everyone is encouraged to follow the three W’s – wear a mask, wait at least six feet apart and wash your hands frequently.

North Carolina first entered into a Phase 3 Reopening on Friday, Oct. 2. Click here for a list of updates from the State of North Carolina for a full list of what Phase 3 Reopening entails.

You can find information about Covid-19 cases in Carteret County through the Health Department.

The Carteret County Chamber of Commerce is still open to the public only by a previously scheduled appointment and masks must be worn over the mouth and nose during that time. There is limited staff in office each day. If you are seeking print materials, please call the office at 252-726-6350 or knock on the door to make your request and it can be run out to you curbside. We appreciate your understanding as we continue to largely work remotely for the health and safety of our staff.

To set up an appointment with a specific staff member, please contact them at the following:

-Tom Kies, president:

-Julie Naegelen, membership director:

-Katie Richards, administrative services:

-Anna Smith, program manager:

Or you can call our office at 252-726-6350 and leave a voicemail for the appropriate individual.

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