Government Affairs

Chamber is the ‘Voice of Business’

The Chamber is actively engaged in issues advocacy and speaks out to influence public policy decisions at the local, state and federal levels.

Chris Turner is the Chair of the Chamber’s Public & Government Affairs Committee, which constantly monitors legislative and regulatory issues.

“Government affairs is a primary focus for our Chamber,” he said. He alerts the rest of the board to local, state and national government changes and initiatives.

A top priority at the state level is to preserve and protect the existing School Calendar Law…and maintain the uniform school start date,” Brown said. “The health of our tourism-based economy depends on summer tourism revenues.”

Each year, the Board of Directors develops a list of priorities – the issues that are most important to the small businesses that we represent.

The Chamber does not support or endorse any candidate for public office at any level, because we need to work with elected officials on both sides of the political aisle to foster a pro-business climate.

In coastal North Carolina, we are the “Voice of Business.” Hear us loud and clear about that.