Chamber requests photos

Chamber requests photos to illustrate
‘Naturally Yours, The Crystal Coast’

“Naturally Yours, The Crystal Coast” is the photo theme for the 2016 print and/or digital edition of the annual Business Directory & Visitors Guide, produced by Carteret County Chamber of Commerce.
Research shows that visitors treasure what’s real and authentic, and no destination has more natural, scenic beauty to offer than Carteret County.
You might also add that “no flavor additives are needed” here.
The Chamber is beginning to develop the recipe – a mixture of articles and photographs – to illustrate that Carteret County is “America’s Recreation Destination” and the “Water Sports Capital of North Carolina.”
“We invite all photographers…from professionals to hobbyists…to share their digital images,” said Mike Wagoner of the Chamber. “Some of the best pictures used in the past have been taken by amateurs who put themselves in the right place at the right time.”
The Chamber will credit all photographers whose work is used. Photo files should be high resolution/300 dpi. Send digital files or links to, or load them on a disk and mail to Mike Wagoner, Carteret County Chamber of Commerce, 801 Arendell St., Suite 1, Morehead City, NC 28557.
“Naturally Yours, The Crystal Coast” dovetails nicely with North Carolina’s new “destination slogan,” which touts “Nothing Compares” and is meant to capture the “excitement of being connected to a place rich in ideas and opportunities.”
A longleaf pine grows between the N & C…reflecting North Carolina’s strong roots, growth and sustainability. The colors shade from green to blue, “mirroring the diverse landscape from the mountains to the sea.”
It’s catchy…and could “grow legs” like some of America’s most memorable state slogans, including the venerable “Virginia Is for Lovers” and “I Love New York.” Each, of course, contains the red heart as part of the graphics. (A more recent challenger to the elite is “Pure Michigan”…but is it rust-proof?)
In a recent article posted at, branding consultant Samantha North of PlaceBrands, based in Istanbul, Turkey, praised the Slovenia brand as one of the most creative.
Where in the world is Slovenia? It’s in central Europe, touching on the Adriatic Sea and a neighbor of Italy, Austria, Hungary and Italy.
Slovenia uses “I feel Slovenia.” The “love” letters are accented in red with an abstract red rose positioned in the frame. North’s critique is: “I think it’s kind of cute. It’s nice to have a pun like that…that works.”
Ethiopia, located in the Horn of Africa, advertises “Thirteen Months of Sunshine.” How can that be? Well, Ethiopia’s calendar has 12 30-day months, and the other five or six days a year make up the “13th month.”
The slogan emphasizes the country’s reputation as being a year-round sunny place. But it stays very, very hot in Ethiopia, because it is situated just a few hundred miles north of the Equator.
Carteret County sincerely is the best place on Earth, so we’ll sign off:
“Naturally Yours, The Crystal Coast.”